Monday, July 25, 2011

E.J. Dionne Blathers On

I know, I know.  I do it every time.  I see a Dionne column and I think--here comes some ridiculous drivel that ultimately make me angry, so let it pass.  Don't read it.  And then I do--and I prove myself right.

Today's column speaks of "the other deficit", which in Dionne's world--you know, the one uninformed by reason, is different that the debt/deficit talks dominating the news.  Dionne's deficit is the deficit of jobs, and the fact that Mitt Romney's on the stump talking about jobs, jobs, jobs while the President battles Congressional Republicans.

What Dionne doesn't get--nor does the President or his Party--is the extent to which the two "deficits" are simply parts of the same whole.  Our economy is mired in mediocrity not because there isn't a lot of cash out there--there is--but because investing it in THIS economy is a bad risk.  Because Washington seems unable to get it together and create a sustainable model of spending and taxing, businesses are on edge, they are not investing in growth--rather, they are waiting for the other shoe to drop. 

The unemployment rate will decline when businesses begin to believe our economy is on a sound footing, not simply a behemoth version of Greece waiting to happen. 


Anonymous said...

Did the Koch brothers help you with this idea?

The Conservative Wahoo said...

Ah yes. No original thinking here, just a robot in the great Koch conspiracy. How'd you know, Anon.

"The Hammer" said...

Repeat after me...

Soros GOOD...Koch Brothers BAD!

Mudge said...

Hey Anon - You appear to have a disagreement with the premise CW presented. Could you grace us with an explanation of your disagreement or do we have to wait until you find an appropriate bumper sticker to copy? C'mon, you took the time (albeit ~6.8 seconds) to announce your disagreement, how about explaining your disagreement? An anxious public awaits your wisdom.

Chap said...

Mudge: There is this group of people with RSS feeds on auto alert whose sole job it is (or hobby or whatever) to put the first comment on posts. Instead of going "F1RST!!", which is annoying enough, they seagull drop their political viewpoint and go. No analysis, and usually they haven't done more than skim the title of the post. I suspect anon here is like that.

Mudge said...

E.J. Dionne Blathers On.
Snake Slithers On.
Fish Swims On.
Bird Flies On.
Rodent Burrows On.
And On And On.

"The Hammer" said...

♫ All that is now
All that is gone
All that's to come
And everything under the
Sun is in tune
But the Sun is eclipsed by the moon

Tom de Plume said...


I have to admit it was I who was the first Amonymous, yanking CW's chain. It was in honor of one of his former teachers who wrote that in reply to a Facebook post.

Mudge said...

Chap - thanks. Must be an exciting lifestyle such folks lead. And all this time I thought all they had to look forward to was playing video games in their mothers' basements.

Stephen Monteith said...

I think Dionne's point was the same one the White House tried (and spectacularly failed) to make earlier this summer: that the debt ceiling is too abstract an issue to make much impact on the average voter's decision in 2012, but that job numbers are. In fact, he points out that Speaker Boehner is already attacking the president on the debt ceiling, so Romney, in a neat "division of labor", is going after him on the other front. He's not saying either one is disconnected from or more important than the other; just that Romney's line of attack is more likely to produce a win in 2012 than Boehner's.

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