Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Bush/Obama War on Terror Continues

Where is the bought and paid for media with regard to the biggest story of the Obama Presidency--that the policies and practices of the Bush Administration--which he relentlessly criticized while on the stump--remain the policies and practices of the Obama Administration?  Here's the story of a Somali miscreant captured in the Gulf of Aden and---wait-----held on a Navy ship for two months.  Was he spirited to the loving arms of the Eric Holder justice system?  Eh, no.  Did we let him lawyer up with folks who haven't yet earned their spurs into the Holder Justice Department?  Eh, no.  We held him without warrant, we interrogated him without counsel, we treated him like the vermin he is and now--he'll be turned over to the Holder Justice Department, for trial.

When will the media hold this man accountable?  When will Barack Obama have to answer for his over the top and irresponsible campaign rhetoric?  When will he apologize to George Bush for the things he said about the way the Bush Administration pursued the war on terror?


Anonymous said...

I look forward to another fisking of the AJ by Lindsey Graham on custodial interrogation.

SEN Grassley has not quit on OPERATION GUNRUNNER, nor have I. This one may stick.

PK said...

Based on something I heard you say once, I'm pretty sure all those things will happen right after Sean Penn makes a sizable donation to the Heritage Foundation.

Sally said...

I'm sure they'll get to it after they finish the story about O's Medal of Honor gaffe at Ft. Drum last week. The press is very busy covering Michelle Bachmann in case she gets John Wayne's birthplace wrong again.

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