Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Poverty? What Poverty?

Poverty in 2011 America is not like poverty anywhere in the World at any other time. We have the most coddled underclass in history, and what is deemed "poverty" in America would be upper-middle class just about anywhere else.

And one would think the recipients of our largess would be grateful. Not so. They see the system for what it is, a means of control. They are resentful and demanding, but they are also trapped.

This system is not compassionate, quite the contrary, it is foul.



bbauer said...

I've never been poor.

Inisio said...

Hurry up Hammer, write another post. CW is only one up on you since he announced your part of the writing team.

Anonymous said...

I must add a point that is tangentially related to this post -- it came to mind as I saw the picture.

You know, Democrats always have an issue with voters producing identification, as it allegedly "intimidates" minority voters into not heading to the polls.

Well, what about the majority of people who use pay-day loans. As I see them aplenty in SE Washington DC, I cannot imagine that the people who frequent these establishments are not required to produce some form of ID, if not two or three. You know, to get themselves out of poverty.

Double standard?

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