Friday, July 15, 2011

Big Fat Friday Free For All

Here it is again, ladies and gentlemen, your chance to get it off your chest!  Worried about a debt crisis getting in the way of your birthday plans?  Think Iowa's got too much pull with too many zanies in the Presidential primary contest?  Share, people share.

Tom, making friends with the locals in  New Orleans
In the meantime, I'll enjoy New Orleans with Big Brother Tom.  You shoulda been here, Mudge.  You shoulda been here...


NavyAustin said...

Three wars going on. Debt crisis looming. Major unemployment. Shaky economy.

And Congress is worried about an old steroids in baseball case, and re-hashing the issue of incandescent light bulbs?

No wonder we think they are all dickless incompetents.

Anonymous said...

Mudge couldn't go because he was too busy rushing to judgement.

Sally said...

No Anon, he's probably just busy 'focusing his energy on lunacy' that you dictated we all do yesterday. Please offer a few more comments so he has something to focus on.

Anonymous said...

It must be Dos Equis the bar is serving because your bro looks like The World's Most Interesting Man.

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