Friday, July 29, 2011

Email to My Congressman

I sent this email to Congressman Andy Harris (R-MD1) this morning:

"Message Subject: Debt Ceiling--Get onboard with Boehner
Message Text:
Mr. Harris--you continue to operate under the mistaken assumption that you were elected by the 1st District to be a mouthpiece for the Tea Party. You were not. Frank Kratovil was defeated in a sea-change election and got caught up in the tide. I am a lifelong Republican and a conservative---and I assure you, if you continue to pursue your inability to reach a compromise position, you will be defeated in 2012. The question right now isn't if, it is by whom. Kratovil in the general or ME in the primary. Bryan McGrath Easton, MD


"The Hammer" said...

I hope you get piles.

Sally said...

Good for you. You should all also do as I did and send Boehner a note thanking him for his leadership. He's kept a cool head this week and deserves accolades.

I bet he went through a pack of cigarettes every few hours this week.

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