Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Goodbye Space Program

There was a pretty good movie a few years ago about the Space Race based on a book by Tom Wolfe entitled "The Right Stuff" and in the film the LBJ character makes the point that the Romans were dominant because they had roads, the British because they had ships, and who should ever control space would be the future dominant power. That was true then and I believe it's true now. Unfortunately the Democrats do not share my view.

NASA and space exploration in general are essential for our national security. Can you imagine a scenario where the Chinese and Russians are manning space stations and the like, while we hunker down and spend all our money on WIC coupons for halfwits and their progeny? Well that day is here.


Anonymous said...

Halfwit is too generous. How about third- or fourthwit?

PatStahl said...

Don't get me started on WIC and Special Ed. Too much wasted on the like.

Anonymous said...

Sad day for the US space program. So long and thanks for all the fish.

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