Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What is the Problem with Christians?

"Republicans are once again arguing that American Jews will abandon the Democratic Party. But it won’t happen, because Jews recoil from the GOP’s overt Christianity, even when it comes with staunch pro-Israel views."

American Jews are arguably the most reliable and in terms of contributions the most important voting bloc in the Democratic Party. Why?

The author's thesis is that the Republican Party is home to the Christian "right". Ok fair enough. But what is it about Christians that has American Jewry so hot and bothered? Is it because of the Holocaust? The NAZI's were vehemently anti-Christian. Is it because Christian fundamentalists are anti-Semitic? Well if they are they have a funny way of showing it. They are the most ardent supporters of Israel.

I think Israel is a red herring in this argument because there are too many overtly anti-Jewish/anti-Israeli factions in the Democratic Party. It must be ideology. American Jews are so wedded to leftist politics that they are blind to their own interests. Jews have done well under American style capitalism with power far beyond their numbers, but they happily buy into the bogus "social and economic justice" fiction. If some politician says traditional Judeo/Christian values they hear death camps for minorities. And even bringing this subject up will be looked upon by some as a blatant act of anti-Semitism not to be tolerated.

If someone goes around saying everyone is my enemy, pretty soon they will be proven right. I grow weary of trying to befriend a people who hates me and my beliefs so much.

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NavyAustin said...

Lots of talk in 2006 about Karl Rove and his microtargeting - finding red pockets in blue districts and red elements in blue blocks of voters, like conservative Jews who the Republicans had ignored and the Democrats assumed were in the tank. He was able to swing a number of districts and states, especially important in the winner-takes-all electoral battle.

I can see where Jews find certain right-wing Christians obnoxious and dangererous - I try to distance myself from them, too!

I've wondered if liberal Judaism isn't more a social thing (it's cool to care), an economic thing (rich liberals love spending other people's money) or a taken to extreme, devoid of reality intrepretation of Judaism's call for social justice (even as the programs designed to help the poor further enslave them)

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