Friday, July 1, 2011

Big Fat Friday Free For All

A special July 4th Holiday Weekend BFFFFA for all to observe!  Feeling down about the debt ceiling talks?  Wondering how much your taxes will go up?  Forget how old your kids are lately?  Bitch about it folks--right here, right now!


Anonymous said...

Great story here:

The Conservative Wahoo said...

"The United States is a wonderful country but its courts and prisons are a disgrace that shames America's pretensions to civilisation, decency and any elementary definition of justice."

Nice to see Great Britain has solved the problem of falsely convicted people.

Mudge said...

Do you expect anything less than a society who gave their criminals an all expense paid trip to Australia?

BigFred said...

Drivers in Occupied Virginia. When that light turns green, especially the left turn arrow? I want you on the throttle like Connie Kalitta at the Nationals so more than two cars can get through.

Sue Purnova said...

chill dude cnt u c im txtg?

"The Hammer" said...

I want to talk about television.

As many of you know, I recently moved to a palatial estate overlooking an estuary of the mighty Neuse River (the Seine of Johnston County). Now, when one tranfers utilities etc., it's a good time to make changes (I considered dumping the old lady but she's on the mortgage), so, I decided to take advantage of our local cable company's "bundled" package (HDTV, phone, bidnez class internet).
The internet is good, not great just good, the phone does what a phone does so no problems there, but the TV stinks on ice, and the whole package is expensive. So expensive I'm ashamed to quote the price as you may think me a halfwit (assuming of course you don't think that already).
I don't watch that much TV period, mostly documentaries, some political dramas, History channel and the occasional soft-core on HBO (I really like lipstick leasbians with stap-ons). But I do insist, if I have in fact paid for a particular channel, it must actually be available for viewing, not some screen saying "try again later".
Anyway, to make a long story long I dumped those idiots and got DirectTV, which I had at my previous dwelling (henceforth referred to as "the hovel") and I like it much better.
My point is this: Why can't we pick and chose which channels we we want and reject those we don't? For example, I rarely if ever watch The Comedy Channel. I think Jon Stewart (né Leibowitz) is a dickhead of the first order and prefer not to subsidize his leftist propaganda. I don't think he's at all humorous and I worry about his influence with our impressionable, ill-educated braindead youth. And why should I be forced to pay for channels that exploit fat girls choosing wedding dresses or scumbags catching crab if that isn't my cup of tea?
I think the entertainment industry needs to re-evaluate their market and pay more attention to the needs of the consumer. I only want what I want, nothing more, and I resent being forced to pay for programming I have no interest in.

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