Sunday, July 17, 2011

Obama's Communications Gap

David Ignatius has a column in the WaPost in which he wonders aloud if Mr. Obama is as great a communicators as he was made out (by the Bought and Paid For Media) to be.  Ignatius believes no.  So far, so good.

Yet when one reads the article closely, one stumbles upon this whopper:  "So Obama waited. His policy ideas, now that they’re public, look pretty solid."

What policy ideas?  Which public?  Has he put forward through his party in Congress any discernible program?   Was there even a budget for FY12?  Paul Ryan puts forward a plan of nearly 100 pages--Mr. Obama makes a speech--which according to CBO--cannot be scored.

One of the themes that keeps arising from the present mess is "exactly what would YOU do Mr. President?".  So far, we don't have an answer.  If not raising taxes was a good idea at the end of last year, EXACTLY why is doing so--when the economy is arguably NO BETTER--a good idea now?

The President loves to talk about Republican sacred cows--tax increases mostly.  So then, what is Obamacare?  Is it not also a $2T sacred cow?

If I don't watch it, I could become as deranged as the loony Dems did under GWB.....


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"The Hammer" said...

The numbers are terrible and the Democrats are scared. They've raped the treasury handing out what in their minds is long overdue cash and prizes to their buddies in the unions, special interests, welfare bums and of course their Wall Streets pals (Immelt et al.) and they've come to realize they went a bit overboard. They know what needs to be done but they don't have the guts to stand up to the baying dogs screaming for more.

Now the economy is on it's ass and there's not a helluva a lot to be done in terms of the '12 election. The Republicans won't go for another stimulus so may as well shoot the moon and go for tax increases and play class warfare. At least it'll bring home the base.

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