Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Agenda for Tonight's Conservative Wahoo Live! Internet Radio Program

Join me Wednesday, 8 September at 8PM Eastern on The Conservative Wahoo Live!   Internet Radio Program, where our working agenda will be:  

**Is the Press turning on President Obama?
**Has Stephen Hawking killed God?
**Is more stimulus the cure for a failed stimulus?
**Burning Korans
**Republicans gaining momentum in polling for Congressional elections
**Video games and Fantasy Football:  Is the American male becoming more adolescent? 

Call in at 347.637.2203

1 comment:

"The Hammer" said...

Hey CW, you sounded beat last night. You only perked up when you talked about all those tramps/skanks/hos at UVA. I enjoyed the bit about Stephen Hawkins (Godless bastard), but you failed to mention that even he could get laid in Charlottesville. And by the way, I play xBox and I ain't some nerdy shut-in. I play football while on the recumbent bike. It takes away the tedious boredom of exercise plus it fools the brain so it's like playing yourself, absolutely no fatigue or pain. It's weird but it works. Try it yourself you fat lump.

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