Tuesday, September 21, 2010

They're Great Allies, but Remember They're Also the Ones From Whom We Wrested Our Liberty

I really like the Brits. I really, really liked Tony Blair (great integrity for a liberal--his word mattered more than his political dogma), loved Margaret Thatcher (pure bollux), and darn near revere Winston Churchill. And I have a strong sense of brotherhood with their military (extremely professional and a hell of a lot of fun). All that said, this post in Powerline this morning put an exclamation point on my post this weekend about the government and OUR money. It reminds me that as we Americans look at other countries for why we should pass legislation such as gun control or government health "care", we're looking in the wrong direction with respect to our own liberty. ANY step in the direction toward more government control is a step away from liberty and what concerns me more than who is in office or how many of them are there, is how many fellow citizens it required to put them there. For some reason, we are growing a population who fails to understand what liberty is and how fleeting it can be if not nurtured and protected.


"The Hammer" said...

I spent a little time off and on in England back in the 70's and the people were great, although a little out there. But it was backwards. Very little refrigeration, and heat, and hot water. Took a little getting used to but hey, I was Signal Corp tough.
Maggie brought that country back. There should be a statue of that woman in every village in Britain. And when she said something, she meant it, ask Bobby Sands.

BigFred said...

Hammer, I did not realize you were a Signal type. I promise to use smaller words in the future.

Excellent Bobby Sands reference by the way.

"The Hammer" said...

Thanks BigFred. Let's keep that "city talk" to a minimum. And mums the word on the Sands comment. As you may know Sgt. Major is Irish Catholic from the old country. They ain't got no sense of humor about that stuff.

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