Saturday, September 11, 2010

Breakfast with Mudge

Heading off now to have breakfast with Mudge (you remember him right?  Used to be a blogger here) who is passing through town on his way back to Virginia's Eastern Shore from a work-week in DC.  After breakfast, we're heading into town to a local hunting store to look at a shotgun for yours truly.  I've got my eye on this beauty, and I'd like to get his thoughts on it.

Mudge--for those of you who don't know him--is a renaissance man.  He ought to run for mayor of wherever it is that he lives, for everyone knows and likes him there (people to whom he is not related GIVE him things, all the time--like LAND!).  He owns his own back-hoe (sp?)(given to him).  No game animal is safe when he is about.  He's got infrared cameras in one of his fields taking pictures of the deer population (deer porn, I call it).  He's steeped in the canon of limited government thought, and he's an expert on open architecture computer applications in naval weapons and sensors.  

And he's probably one of the most pleasant fellows to be around that I know. 


BigFred said...

I want to say I saw his handsome visage entering the Navy Yard Metro stop this week.

That is a great shotgun, but a horrible MSRP.

"The Hammer" said...

Very nice! Italians make the best shotguns. I personally am more into the cheaper (actually much cheaper) "zombie killer" type shotguns. It's all I need for the coming apocalypse, and besides, the he only thing I hunt are my car keys.

Beyond Bibb's Store said...

I shoot geese and ducks with a benelli SBE that I bought at a DU auction years ago. It's had over 20,000 rounds through it at birds and clays and has been pretty dependable. If you're recoil sensitive, beretta's gas action is a better choice. I've got a bunch of 390s, a 391, and a 682. All are flawless in operation if kept clean. If, like me, you aren't always willing to clean the damned thing as soon as you get in, get the benelli. It'll operate with mud, feathers, blood, and, probably, Pushtun bits in the action.

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