Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Agenda for Tonight's Conservative Wahoo Live! Internet Radio Program

Here it is, better late than never....

**The Tea Party gets another skin; Castle goes down in DE; is it time for the Republican Party to take a loyalty oath?

**DC gets rid of Mayor Fenty; end of Michelle Rhee?  Why is this not a bigger story?  Was this not a purge by the fringe of the Democratic Party?

**Ehrlich vs. O’Malley in MD—rematch

**Why are the 1st Amendment Rights of a Koran burner less worthy of a Presidential defense than the 1st Amendment Rights of a 9-11 Mosque builder?

**Charlie Rangel wins his primary—again, why is this not a story about the “character” of his voters?

**NY Jets and Sideline Sensitivity

Tune in tonight online, call in at 347.637.2203

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