Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bush III (cont.)

The Obama Administration is relying on the US State Secrets Act in seeking to get a terrorism case thrown out.  A smart move, a justified move, a responsible move.  The kind of thing we came to rely on from GWB, the kind of thing for which he was roundly criticized by candidate Obama.  All grown up and governing now, Mr. Obama experiences first hand the realities that face every President, that irresponsible candidates can only dream of.


BigFred said...


Tom de Plume said...

If one is paranoid of expiring in a terrorist attack, the best place to live or work is in a building where the local ACLU has it's offices. The jihadists will never harm their lawyers.

Mudge said...

Tom - I'd rather take my chances getting blown up on a plane. Sitting in an office with a bunch of lawyers is bad enough. Sitting in an office with a bunch of ACLU lawyers would almost certainly end poorly with me then requiring a lawyer. It's a no win situation all around.

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