Sunday, September 12, 2010

USC 17 UVA 14

There is no such thing as a moral victory, but there are losses that serve as signals of a program's health--and last night's loss at the Coliseum in LA was one of those losses for the Hoos.  I did not stay up to listen to the game (something I would have done in my younger, more lucid years), but I hurried to the interwebs this morning to check things out.  Looks to have been a great effort all around, with some chances to win blown and some calls that just didn't go our way.

Coupled with Virginia Tech's loss at home to JMU, yesterday turned out pretty damn good, all in all.

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"The Hammer" said...

USC gave up 500+ yeards against Hawaii last week so they're not exactly the USC of yesteryear. Furthermore, they've got lots of problems with the program. Pete Carroll left a bloody -ucking mess and poor old Pat Haden (a good guy) has to clean it up. So UVA did ok but nothing to write home about.

What I want to know is how Va. Tech lost to JMU? JAMES MADISON!, at home!!?? Are you kidding me? They should be able to start their reserves and run off tackle every play and beat those guys 35 zip.

Alabama looked strong as battery acid against Penn State. I swear they have the best backfield I've seen since Thomas Lott, David Overstreet and Billy Sims at OK back in the day. The Tide looks unbeatable.

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