Friday, September 3, 2010

Big Fat Friday Free For All

Big Fat Bryan
Starting weight (8/25/10):  194
Goal Weight:  170
Today's Weight 190

Yes ladies and gentlemen, the weekly tracker is back.  I let it all get away from me. I was 168.6 on the 7th of November, just ten months ago.  Time to get it in gear.

What's on your minds this Labor Day weekend, friends?  Excited about the start of college football (Go Hoos!)?  Interested in the "peace process" starting up again?  Miss not having a rally to attend on the Mall?

Emote folks, share.


"The Hammer" said...

Oh Brother, here we go with the weight thing again.

Anyway, one of my all time favorite and in my opinion most credible academics, Larry Sabato has weighed in on the mid-terms. Needless to say, it ain't good for the Democrats.
For the last couple of weeks the Dems have been making the point that the elections should be "localized". In other words run on a very narrow agenda and ignore the national issues like OBAMACARE. Good luck with that.
But I am concerned about what happens if the Republicans do in fact take both houses. I'm encouraged by the fact that many "moderate" Republicans are losing but at this moment the Democrats own the economy. If the Republicans win, they had damned well better fight like dogs; repeal, de-fund, make Obama veto, everything. They cannot let the Dems hang 'em with this shit economy and if the Republicans are able to pass measures and the economy does recover (even a little bit) Obama cannot be allowed to take credit.

BigFred said...

I think you've got a 200 in you, dying to breathe free!

Hurricane Earl will not ruin my golf this weekend.

My nefarious and disloyal family have piled so much crap atop my workbench that I must attend to it or it will avalanche over the floor.

Installing a new ice maker solenoid in my 15 month old fridge. I don't know about you girls, but BigFred goes through some ice with his cocktails, and this mechancal fault has me driving to 7-11 to buy ice in a bag like some kind of... Well, I don't know what.

"The Hammer" said...

Women, they're always coming up with some BS! This needs doing, that needs doing and if it doesn't get done the playground is closed.
How 'bout this. I got beer to drink and cigars to smoke and football to watch in my local sports drinking establishment. How 'bout that?

SamShapiro said...

BF, so you didn't get the extended warranty huh?

Anonymous said...

McG- Classic head and shoulders bottom pattern in your chart signalling a big break to the upside. You should blow right past 200 on your next upswing. Well done fatty.

BigFred said...

No. I have never needed it in the past and have a home warranty that does anything for $85.00. Anything.

For a $45 dollar part with shipping, it is easier to do it myself than take off work and have someone else do it for me.

And it is all compression fittings and no copper sweating (which I can do) so it should not be too hard of an effort. And I gots to have my ice cubes.

P. Thetecli-Bohrde said...

There's a rumor going around DC right now that Geithner, Biden and the President saw your graph and were about to call a press conference to claim they had saved or created another 200 trillion jobs. They were almost giddy with job until Malia (who actually read the graph's axes) said, "Daddy, it's just the CW's weight gain chart." Reportedly, they've summoned Robert Gibbs to see how hard it would be to adjust it to be an economic recovery chart. "If we can change the labels on that graph, Mr. President, it will be a big f#%*@! deal!" whispered VP Biden into a nearby microphone. White House watchers anticipate the President will hold a "coffee summit" with the CW. In the name of transparency, coffee will be served in clear glass mugs.

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