Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Obama and Kenyan Colonialism

There was a Forbes article recently (I believe a cover story) in which Dinesh D'Souza was paid to masturbate intellectually by putting out some nonsense that President Obama's animus toward America is a reflection of an anti-colonialism inherited from his dead father.  A descent into ideologically based psychobabble hell, D'Souza's thesis has been roundly criticized by most thoughtful conservatives, though Newt Gingrich has weighed in with his support.

In this devastating take-down, another Forbes columnist delivers a blow to D'Souza's solar plexus--a well-deserved blow.

President Obama is an American, a Christian, and a man who loves his country.  There is no evidence to the contrary, and conservative fascination with trying to prove otherwise is ridiculous--especially in light of what IS before us--that he has an expansive view of the role of government, that he is beholden to narrow special interests, that he is in over his head, that he is alienating our most trusted allies internationally, that he is spending the country into inter-generational oblivion, and that he wants to implement Euro-style single payer healthcare.  Point is, we don't have to make things up.  We've got plenty on him that's real.


"The Hammer" said...

Absolutely right CW. There's plenty there to criticize, and justifiably so, without delving into fantasy or character assassination. It may sell magazines but it makes us look like nuts.
But I do want to say this about that, it was those damned Lutherans who killed JFK and I have solid, real proof! What? Is it something I said?

Mudge said...

Not so sure about love of country, believe it is more a love of country that it might become, but concur on the other points. And as I've said before, pardon Christians who have a hard time recognizing his Christianity. Not many of us have gone to churches for 25 years and having been married by the pastor who preached "God DAMN America." But you're right, every time a "conservative" claims Obama is from Mars, it distracts attention away from all the valid criticism.

BigFred said...

I'm with Mudge.

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