Monday, September 20, 2010

We Have A Spammer

As I've discussed with Hammer in an earlier comment, we have a "spammer".  He has a blogger ID called "DM", and for whatever reason (probably a lame algorithm) the blogger spam comment filter doesn't capture his stuff.

He's decided to camp out here on this blog for a bit, so you'll see his stuff now and again.  Standard wingnut, tinfoil asshattery.

I try to filter it out as quickly as I can.  But DO NOT GO TO ANY OF HIS LINKS.  Lots of discussion of this fellow on the blogosphere and a good bit of evidence that his links are passing bots/viruses.


UNRR said...

I thought his spam jihad was directed only at atheist blogs. I guess he's branching out.

Mr. Limpit said...

I can see how he might have thought we worship fish here.

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