Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sarandon Sans Robbins +1: A Nation Mourns

I hope that during your own observances of 9/11 yesterday, you took some of that time to reflect on the fact that it has been a year since actress Susan Sarandon and her longtime lover and fellow thespian Tim Robbins broke up:

"The nation mourned," Sarandon told New York magazine. "I had a lot of people who came up to me and were not as upset as I was - but were definitely upset."

Stay strong, Susan.

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Anonymous said...

There is no merit in putting the dire events of 9/11, and this couple's breakup anywhere near each other in terms of loss, or the permanent scarring of our collective hearts as citizens.For someone so used to public speaking, it seems Ms.Sarandon has committed a wrenching faux pas.

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