Friday, September 24, 2010

Big Fat Friday Free For All

Good morning, all!  It's time for another BFFFFA.  What' s on your mind?  Taken the Pledge yet?  Starting to get a little overconfident, are we?

Let everyone know how you  feel, what's bothering you.  Get it off your chest.


Mudge said...

Islamic PR machine has a full-court press on going. That doesn't bother me. What bothers me is the enthusiasm with which fellow citizens are sucking up the Kool-Aid.

The strategy: pay no attention to beheadings, bombings, rockets into Israel, stoning women to death on false charges, honor killings, burning bibles, etc. No, to do so is just giving in to the fringe elements and letting the fringe on both sides control the debate. But on YOUR side, well, you are Islamaphobic so if you are fearful of being called a name (as so many American's who fear being labeled anything ending in"-ist" or "-phobic" have proven time and again to be), then you need to crush any opposition to Islamism (like the threat of a Koran burning) and embrace the change we are bringing your way. Remember, the US Constitution is Sharia compliant.

Label me fringe.

"The Hammer" said...

Assholes like this try my patience. They make their money using the free enterprise system but after they've made it, all of a sudden they want regulation/socialism/protectionism. Why? To protect their wealth and position that's why.

Anybody who knows anything about money knows it is fleeting. Oh if you've got enough you can sit on it but not guys like Buffett. And he well knows that in 10 years he could be just another rich guy, and not King of the World. In dynamic economies it happens and it's healthy. The only constant is change; e.g. cell phones put phone booths out of business.

But that's what Soros and Buffett and the rest of the red-capitalists want to avoid. What was it Buckley said (?), the biggest argument in favor of capitalism is capitalism. The biggest argument against capitalism is capitalists.

NavyAustin said...

Wow, don't know where to begin with Colbert. I get his point - buried in a lot of bad jokes and lacking the necessary crowd laughing that is essential to his comedic timing. If farm workers had visas and were legal, their lives might improve, wages might rise and it might be a job Americans would take.

But. Wow, Rep. Zoe Lofgren, what kind of headwork was that?

Conyers pointed out that the committee rarely met and their time should be better used.

I can't blame Colbert for being Colbert - but I can question the judgement of those who invited him. And the Speaker of the House who thought it was a fine idea for him to be there.

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