Sunday, September 5, 2010

Virginia 34 Richmond 13

What a wonderful day it was yesterday!  The London Era has begun at UVA and we won our first opener since 2005 (the first debut win for a UVA coach in 49 years!).  The day was perfect, Rob and Tom were there and the new tailgate spot is very convenient to our seats.

Richmond's no patsy--they won the 1AA National Championship two years ago and were in the thick of the playoffs last week.

UVA's offense was well-balanced, they didn't make dumb mistakes and the play calling was superb.

On defense, Richmond exploited some seams on us for some critical first downs, but they simply could not run the ball.

Next up:  The Coliseum in LA against USC


Libby Wrelle said...

You predicted only a moderately excessive +3 point spread. UVa took a shamefully unjustifiable +21 point spread.

Scoring gaps in collegiate sports should be eliminated. The NCAA should tax UVa, a largely white student body, 30% of their greed-based earnings (10.2 points) and redistribute it to Richmond, a largely black student body for a more equitable score of UVa 23.8 to Richmond 23.2.

UVa will still win the contest so you conservatives can relax, but the spread will be more appropriate for enhancing self-esteem in young adults and will keep Richmond's team more competitive for post season bowl bids.

"The Hammer" said...

Enjoy it while you can. FSU, Ga. Tech, Miami, Maryland (always a tough game for you guys) and Va. Tech, all will be tough games. Even UNC and Duke looked pretty good this week.
If I had to guess I'd say 4 and 8.

In case anyone cares the Wolfpack should go 6 and 6...if we play well.

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