Thursday, June 2, 2011

America's Public Schools, Busily Shaping Young Minds

Russellville Middle School in Arkansas, like most middle and high schools, published a yearbook this year. Not remarkable. This particular yearbook, however, listed among the usual yearbook fare the 5 Worst Persons of all Time.

Who made the cut, you wonder. Hitler? Check. Osama bin Laden? Another check. Charles Manson? Right-o. The last two? George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.

Parents are rightly outraged. The school district's brilliant solution was to cover the list with black tape. And no one seems to have any idea how it happened.

What would you do if your son or daughter brought home such a yearbook?


Mudge said...

Given that, to some at least, the primary purpose of our public schools is more to be a conduit for passing our tax dollars to the teachers' unions than a place to educate our children, is it any wonder that such lists emerge with their "leadership's" blessings?

NavyAustin said...

Just had a kid graduate from middle school, and one in - and one who graduated HS last year.

A few things - first, as a guy who has printed ads, brochures, cruise books (Navy "year books") and other things, SOMEONE had to sign the "proof" - and should have only done so after MANY people reviewed it.

Second, assume that clever, subversive middle school kids will try to sneak something in. I was editing a commemorative item for a private Catholic middle school - and one of the boys tried to be coy and snotty in his "what I'll remember most" remarks. That's cause they're kids.

Third - I don't really remember being politically aware until around 10th grade. An evil George Bush and Dick Cheney as a meme for an 8th grader, 2 years after they are out of office? Maybe one of the kids has MAJOR lib parents and was parroting.

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