Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Truth Hurts, Especially When It Comes From A Foreigner

Nile Gardiner hits the Administration betwixt the eyes.  Key line...

After 29 months of the most left-wing presidency in US history, the American superpower is heading towards the economic abyss

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"The Hammer" said...

How much longer? How many times must leftist "economics" be tried before they finally admit it CAN"T be done right..."this time" or any time.

There are no surprises here. Everyone with a modicum of an economic education could see it coming miles away. I'm convinced the people who are perpetuating this nonsense don't themselves believe it will work. But for them it's good politics. It's paying back their constituents. It's putting money and power into the hands of those who they believe have been left behind...unjustly.

They are mad and they will drive us to ruin. If by some strange twist of fate Obama is re-elected and the American model of freedom and liberty is killed off, not just us but the World will be an uglier, harsher, poorer place...except for the few. Think on this; the top three richest counties in America are not in Silicon Valley or South Florida. The top three are in Northern Virginia, bedroom communities for Washington, DC.

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