Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Renovation Progress

We are getting there....slowly but surely.  And it is turning out more beautiful than I had imagined.


Mudge said...

Having recently snagged myself a much sought-after ticket from a scalper outside the Easton Garden Club, I had the great privilege of touring the renovation site. Donning my hard hat, goggles and white smock, I waited with the others in my group with almost giddy anticipation as the docent alerted us that the master of the house was actually on the premises that day and there was a good chance that he might make a showing. Well, make a showing he did. Clad in oddly compatible madras trousers and tweed jacket, puffing his meerschaum, CW emerged through the heavy maroon and gold velvet curtains from the back of the east wing to the gasps then cheers of the tour group. It was a magical day as he personally led the group through the halls, porticos and catacombs of this palatial estate. We met the house staff who all so politely bowed or curtsied at his arrival and departure as well as before and after each time he addressed them. I must say, the undertaking of this massive renovation is being executed beautifully and the result will be equal to the effort of the many laborers who inexplicably melted into the background when the insurance salesman in the tour group was trying to help CW hear his response to the question CW asked him about his trade. "I-N-S-poof!-U...". Anyway, work apparently resumed as that fellow, and the rest of the group, boarded the tour bus for a "windshield tour" of the estate's land holdings. It truly was a memorable day as we turned out the drive and saw, once again, the ever distinguished CW gently but firmly "correct" his chauffeur, Wetherford" for not completely removing the thumb smudge one of the tour group left on his Jaguar. It truly is worth the effort to get on the first tour group you can to see this wonderful testament to capitalism. I understand only a select few will be permitted on the estate once the last laborer completes his work so do yourself a favor and get there soon.

Doc Milnamo said...

Looking good Bryan.

Mudge: Too funny!

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