Sunday, June 12, 2011

On the Palin Emails

Sally posted earlier in the week on the Washington Post's efforts to enlist "citizen" journalists to comb through the voluminous emails of then Governor Palin to her staff, family and others.  Conveniently forgetting to apply such modern flash mob tactics to anything resembling-oh, journalism (such as actually reading the Obamacare Bill or the Stimulus Bill)--the Post once again confirmed all that is suspected of the Bought and Paid For Media and its determination to make news, rather than report it.

But it seems that the pesky Ms. Palin simply won't cooperate, in that her emails appear to have been serious, sympathetic, rational and sometimes banal.  No smoking guns here, folks--though I wonder who among us would stand up to this kind of scrutiny.

This has not been a good moment for the media--but has been a wonderful time for Mrs. Palin.


Sally said...

Well said. Just like the person two posts below this one said.

The Conservative Wahoo said...

My apologies, Sally. I am guilty of posting without reading first.

But then again, I included a fetching picture, and you didn't.

NavyAustin said...

Serious, sympathetic, rational and sometimes banal. And did I mention perky? Fetching indeed!

"The Hammer" said...

Obama; Columbia and Harvard law.
George W. Bush; Yale and Harvard business.
Bill Clinton; Yale law.
George H.W. Bush; Yale.

The last President we've had that wasn't educated by and for the elite was Ronald Reagan...and they despised him till the day he died, even his VP!

It's plain as day Palin is hated and feared by the elites. She's an outsider whom they feel is a threat to their aristocratic system. You know, the system where they get to sit on the board of XYZ Corp and pull down a cool 250k a year for doing absolutely nothing because XYZ Corp would rather pay them than worry about getting sued by the Dept. of Justice for some trumped up bullshit (to mention just one example of how the elites maintain power, money and status). Get a few board positions and a no-show job at a hedge fund or big-time law firm and hey, you're sitting pretty.

This is not the way capitalism is supposed to work. Hillary Clinton has zero business experience and shouldn't be on the board of WalMart. Al Gore couldn't run a long turd so why is he on the board at Apple? We should not be paying an "elite" tax to support 2% of the population who more often than not couldn't make it on their own.

Again, they view Palin as a threat because she's not a part of this system and owes it nothing. Regardless of party, the elites class' survival depends on controlling the WH.

Sally said...

And here I thought people came here for the content, not the pictures.

Bryan said...

The current Atlantic also has a complementary article about her first year as Alaskan governor ( Go Vandals!

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