Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Disgusting Sinkhole of Yucca Mountain

For a little history on the ridiculous, $15B sinkhole that is Yucca Mountain, this ditty from the WaPost will suffice. 

It's a terribly superficial treatment of the subject, but it gives one a sense of the scope and glacial pace of this project.  For instance--the reporters blithely pass around scurrilous anti-Yucca propaganda like "it is too wet" for long term storage and "subject to earthquakes".  The science that went into Yucca's selection was estimable, and the fact that there is contamination in ground water might have something to do with the fact that we exploded mondo-nukes in that desert in the 50's--as opposed to deep storage underground in sealed vaults with sealed casks for the waste.

But that makes no difference.  Nevada was happy to take $15B in construction.....just don't put any waste there. 

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BigFred said...

And we want them in charge of health care?

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