Friday, June 3, 2011

Big Fat Friday Free For All

Yes indeed my friends, another Friday is upon us, and with it, another opportunity for you to let it all hang out.  What's on your mind?  Thrilled that Mitt Romney's in the race?  Wondering when Sarah will throw her motorcycle helmet in the ring?  What's going on where you are?


"The Hammer" said...

I think we're rapidly approaching the point of no return for the US economy. As I've said before, I think Obama will lose the next election in a landslide, much like Reagan / Carter in 1980. But that's not the point.

The point is can we recover? If a country's manufacturing base is destroyed, if its workforce is no longer skilled, if a majority of its people have a welfare mindset, can we come back?

I believe in capitalism and freedom, for what I think are glaringly obvious reasons. I also believe there's a role for gov't. to provide for the old and infirm. I believe in a limited social safety net to temporarily help the indigent. But I do not believe in the cradle to grave welfare state. What I worry about is I may be in the minority.

BigFred said...

I'm with you, Hammer. The economy AND the Country are going to hell in a hand basket. My Navy cannot articulate a shipbuilding plan that makes any sense, we are purchasing a fifth generation fighter that is soaking up what little trade space DOD had, and we have yet to begin to pay for the follow on SSBN program.

Oh, and part of the DC local government has moved in to my brand new building, and the lobby, which used to be nice and clean, now looks like a scene from "DC Cab".

No President has been re-elected with unemployment over 7.2% (Reagan). Hovering around 9% now with no signs of slowing. Obama is beatable. Palin is a VERY divisive candidate, the left truly hate her. Not so much with Mitt, and you could spin his health care in MA to appeal to some Democrats.

And, CW's Seapower article is up at Great Satan's Girlfriend blog:

I advise you not to text her a picture of your junk, as the last investigation has not yet petered out, as it were.

"The Hammer" said...

In a previous life I used to test lab equipment. I contracted for a job in Charlotte, the Mecklenburg County Crime Lab (ain't nothing like CSI, believe me).
The director and I were talking and a group of people walked by and they all looked sorta rough. They were 100% black. One guy was wearing a shiny Redskins jacket and they all looked like, well blue collar people at lunch. Turns out they were members of DC homicide taking a tour. The director just rolled his eyes.

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