Sunday, June 5, 2011

Behold, Mark Steyn on Weiner-gate!

I've been silent on Weiner-gate lo this past week, largely because of my views on hypocrisy.  When a "family values" politician gets caught with a dead girl or a live boy, well then, that gets my attention.  When a Democrat sends a picture of his schwantz to a 20-year old coed--why, birds gotta gotta swim.  I get excited when Dems--climate change, eco-friendly, public teacher union lovin', tax the rich types--are caught with exceedingly large carbon footprints, driving SUV's, evading taxes and sending their kids to tony private prep schools. 

So--Anthony Weiner's wiener does not "rise" to the level of my attention--but it has got Mark Steyn's--which is wonderful, as it gives Steyn a platform for lines like this:  

"So we're drifting from outrageous cybercrime to "prank" to "Hey, who doesn't have snaps of his genitalia out there in the world?" To revive another Clintonian line: Everybody does it. "Everyone lies about Twitter-flirting," wrote the blogger Little Miss Attila, "and everyone knows that everyone lies about Twitter-flirting." "Flirting"? Why, yes: I'm assured by correspondents more au courant in "social media" that there's nothing unusual about Tweeting your nether regions to people you've never met in distant time zones. Get with the beat, daddy-o, it's a widely accepted courtship ritual of the 21st century: the flower of American maidenhood wants to see a prospective swain straining his BVDs at what I believe the lads at the TSA call Code Orange alert before they'll agree to meet him for a chocolate malt at the soda fountain.
To each her own. In my day it was "A White Sport Coat And A Pink Carnation," as Marty Robbins sang (Billboard Country & Western Number One, 1957). But apparently these days that leaves the ladies cold, and the pink carnation can prompt titters, unless it's artistically positioned across one's crown jewels, and you'd probably need to get in a professional photographer and some double-sided Scotch tape."
The man is unstoppable.

No--I'm more interested in Weiner's choice of vehicles....

Weiner, in his manly S-10 Blazer 4 x 4--for the mean streets of Brooklyn


PK said...

I'm really liking this one: "When Weiners have staffers, it's very difficult to have limited government: You cannot have a small state run by big Weiners."

Sally said...

I was hoping this place would remain a Weiner-free zone.

Mudge said...

My dogs mentioned that this guy gives weiners a bad name.

BigFred said...

More pictures coming out. This will end well!

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