Monday, June 13, 2011

Anne-Marie Slaughter is Wrong--Plain Wrong--On Weiner

Anne-Marie Slaughter is a Princeton Professor, and reliable Democratic foreign policy type.  Generally considered a moderate and an adult, she spent some time in the Obama Administration's State Department.

She has taken now to providing occasional commentary at CNN (natch), and in this one, she concludes the following with respect to "L'Affaire de Weiner":  "Absent criminal behavior, which is another category entirely, the issue is whether sexual misconduct undermines a politician’s ability to represent his or her constituents and contribute to the common good."

 No, Professor Slaughter, sexual misconduct is NOT the issue; at least it is not the ONLY issue.  How about lying--repeatedly, cold-bloodedly, in situation after situation, to the public, your constituents, the leadership of your party and perhaps even your President?  What about the question of trust?  What about the smearing of Breibart and others in the not Bought and Paid For Media? 

No--sexual misconduct doesn't alone undermine Weiner's ability to continue to serve.  But his utter lack of  trustworthiness does.


Bryan said...

Slaughter's opinion also reflects the lowering standards we are starting to apply to our elected officials. Weiner's behavior (especially the lying) would probably get him fired at many jobs - including military officer, teacher, anything with a security clearance, etc. Evidently the job of Member of Congress is not as important as those other positions.

We also see this lowering of standards in our collective sense of who is an up and coming Congressional leader or potential candidate for higher office. If a congress person just does their job (is energetic, takes difficult stands, develops legislation) and isn't sexually harassing their staff or others, we consider them the next Reagan and pray they run for president (e.g., Paul Ryan). We should expect more from the people who appeal for our vote.

The Conservative Wahoo said...

Nice "Balrog-like" last minute potshot there on Paul Ryan. Ryan's been in the House a good long time and has taken the time to actually develop policy expertise--something it seems few do. Not only this, but he can articulate those ideas. I hardly think advocating for the candidacy of one of the best thinkers in the Republican Party should be associated as closely as you do here with the conduct of Mr. Weiner.

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