Wednesday, June 15, 2011

David Brooks is Protesting

Alexander Hamilton
I do like David Brooks, and I like his assessment of his political bent as "Hamiltonian National Greatness", fan that I am of Alexander Hamilton.  Now and then, Brooks lets me down with something he writes that serves only to serve to make him seem more reasonable to Democrats (something I am often accused of here).  The fact that Hammer thinks the both of us are insufferable Country Club Republicans only makes things more interesting.

Brooks' column this morning is particularly good--it zeroes in on the pathologies of BOTH parties effectively and conveys his sense of disappointment the miniaturization of American politics.  My favorite line:  "Covering this upcoming election is like covering a competition between two Soviet refrigerator companies, cold-war relics offering products that never change"


"The Hammer" said...

"The election is happening during a downturn in the economic cycle..."

See, this is the kind of bullshit line Brooks comes up with, and drives me up the wall. In that one little phrase he implies this is a natural cyclical economic phenomenon beyond our control and certainly not due to the policies of our President.

This guy is an asswipe moderate and if he says anything relevant or interesting it was a friggin' mistake.

Ty Webb said...

how could anyone think of you as a country club Republican

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