Saturday, June 18, 2011

Target Workers Vote NO to Job Destruction and Extortion

Pleasant piece of news out of a Long Island, NY Target store Friday.

United Food and Commercial Workers union President, Bruce Both, saw Target employees'137-85 rejection of his union as proof that these sweat shop workers (you've seen the horrible conditions in a Target store haven't you?) needed him to continue their fight:

"Target did everything they could to deny these workers a chance at the American dream," he said. "However, the workers’ pursuit of a better life and the ability to house and feed their families is proving more powerful. These workers are not backing down from this fight. They are demanding another election. They are demanding a fair election. They are demanding justice and they are prepared to fight for it."

Uhm, Mr. Both, it's pronounced "the Soviet dream" and if the workers knew they could be protected from you and your pipe-wielding thugs, you wouldn't have even gotten the measly 38% yes vote that you did get.

Look, you and your extortionist dues collectors don't get it, but it appears most of the free Americans who are, in fact, living the American dream fortunately DO get it: unions = destruction of profitable employers and less personal freedom. Turns out most Americans still cherish the ability to make our own decisions and reject the notion that government and/or union "officials," who take our earnings through threat of violence, can make those decisions better than we can--especially when it comes to matters such as our own health care and our own jobs.

So here's some advice for every last one of you unionistas--go to Venezuela--they LOVE your thinking down there. Brother Hugo is raising the minimum wage again--to contend with 25% inflation. Pretty much a foregone conclusion that doing so will jack what is already the highest inflation in the developed world up another 5-10%. And the poor, who keep buying this pile of socialist BS, get poorer, just as everywhere this "experiment" gets reattempted.

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"The Hammer" said...

I come from a state where unions were pretty much non-existent. I have never had any experience with unions whatsoever. I know the mechanics of their system but I've never had any personal experience with them although I have talked to a lot of people over the years who have, both pro and con.

The animus it breeds and nurtures AND NEEDS between workers and owners is extraordinary. I can't really understand it because it so outside my experience. I guess it because my family was so poor. My mother was raised on a share-cropper farm and wore dresses made from seed bags. If they got a Pepsi-Cola a month as a treat is was a big deal. My Dad's family was a little better off, but not by much. They worked hard and by their twenties had joined the post-war middle class. There was no need to ask for anything because there was no such thing as a social "safety net". Your safety net was perhaps your family but mostly your drive and you hard work and your values. There's was no one there to take care of you; you took care of yourself.

I had some hard times in my life, some brought on by my immaturity and poor judgment and some by fate. But what I had, what was instilled in me from an early age and proved to be my greatest asset was my refusal to fail. I would not and still will not be denied. My parents, with all their faults (and they had their share) gave me that, and that is the greatest gift I can imagine.

In my opinion unions are no more that bogus extensions of family. They offer protections cloaked in familial terms (i.e. brotherhood of..., fraternal order of..., etc.) and I don't deny they may once have been necessary. But not today.

Unions are rackets, they are organized crime, and they are mobs. They are led by Marxists, malcontents and opportunist rabblerousers, and to the extent they succeed, America will suffer.

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