Monday, June 20, 2011

A New Blog To Sample

A friend of Brother Tom has started a blog--The View from Erik Travels' World--and it is off to a great start.  Erik is an MD who has traveled the world administering medicine through NGO's to the world's needy and war-torn.  If there's a s***hole he hasn't been to, I don't know what it is. 

I've never met the guy, but we've exchanged a number of incredibly interesting Facebook chats.  

Erik's writing is raw and gritty, but it comes from the point of view of a guy who has earned the right to have a bit of a jaundiced view.  He's a Buddhist who recognizes the value of both guns and money.  I see in him a "save the world" liberal who now and again realizes that some of the world isn't worth saving, and some of the world doesn't want our saving.

This won't be every reader of the CW's cup of tea, but some of you will see great things in this blog's beginning.  I do.  

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