Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Just Where a Hormonal 8th Grade Boy Needs to Go

A group of Berwick, PA 8th graders recently got a treat. They traveled to Baltimore to see the Aquarium. On the way back, they stopped for Hooters.

The treat was the aquarium, of course.


Anonymous said...

It is hard for me to see this as news. When I was in 8th grade, we also went on a trip to Baltimore to see the National Aquarium. Lunch had not been scheduled, instead allowing parents and the students to decide where to go. Most groups, like the one I was in, ate at places in the Inner Harbor, mostly in one of the small shopping centers with a large food court. But a few of the others chose to eat at the Hooters there, likely the same one as this group.

Hardly the best place to bring 8th graders on a field trip, all the more so because it was planned (and I can only wonder if the parents were aware of this before hand), but I can only wonder just how common this really is.

"The Hammer" said...

Hooters occupies that place in my mind that says it's either too much or too little, but for 14 year old boys that's just the ticket. Dad probably had a chuckle but I'm sure Mon wasn't amused.

BigFred said...

Hooters is NOT what it used to be, since that lawsuit in the mid 1990's. The basis of the suit was...bra size. It is not nearly as scandalous as it used to be (unfortunately).

I take the kids there for wings about once a month, and they treat the two of them like Rock Stars.

Mudge said...

I love the story that during the suit the founder was asked why he named his business "Hooters?"

"I like owls," he replied.

I like owls too.

zsa zsa said...

I like cats.

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