Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tone Deafness on Steroids

Perhaps you've heard the economy is potentially going to crater on August 2nd.

This is not stopping our leader from celebrating his 50th birthday on August 3rd (a day before his actual birthday, for those who wanted to send a fruit basket). Nothing wrong with celebrating your birthday...but the fact that the birthday celebration is a fundraiser, with tickets ranging from $50 to $35,800 (the latter earns you a private dinner with O), is a bit tone-deaf with the threat of economic disaster hanging over the country.

Can you imagine the bad optics of this, if the debt doomsday scenario comes to fruition? The tone deafness is breathtaking.


Anonymous said...

This tone deafness pales in comparison to the complete deafness of the ideologues who are going to let "perfect" be the enemy of the good.

Mudge said...

Anon - why is it, in your world that the ideologues, as you call them, you know, the ones who think giving spendaholics in Washington of any political suasion more bottles of taxpayers' money to sate their insatiable thirst, are the problem and not the spendaholic in the White House who refuses to budge on his "ideal" that government should be entitled to increasingly more of taxpayers" money? Forget deafness...can you not see?

Sally said...

Anon, there's a degree of principle involved in the stance of the 'ideologues.' The only principle in the fundraiser is the further glorification of Barack Obama.

Anonymous said...

Mudge - you've gathered what my world is based on ONE post? You should work in a carnival guessing people's weights. I agree that our debt needs to be addressed with significant spending cuts and tax reforms. I don't think that we should pass up a very good deal just because ideologues believe that repealing middle class and corporate entitlements such as tax credits and loopholes are tax increases. I can see. Can you not jump to conclusions?

Sally - O rightly deserves criticism for such narcissism, but the wolf closer to the sled is the default. I see this as cutting our nose off despite our face. It is that lunacy we should be focusing our energy on.

Mudge said...

Anonymous - I see from BFFFFA that you have accused me of "rushing to judgment." I see you are a bit of a practioner of the art yourself. Well done.

My question of you, though, was quite clear and you have, as yet, failed to answer it.

Let me recraft it with metaphor.

Our economy is engulfed in flames and there are people in Washington who are throwing gasoline on it, while sending police forces out to our houses and demanding more money to buy more gasoline to throw on the fire. Yet people like you, instead of decrying loudly the people throwing fuel on the fire and demanding more gas money from us, are decrying the actions of the firemen trying to put out the flames. "You aren't spraying water on the right place!" you cry. "Don't park the pump truck on the grass!!", you yell. "You're doing it all wrong--can't you hear me? Are you DEAF???"

All I asked you was why are you spending your energies leveling critique on those who are trying to put out the fire instead of those demanding that we provide them more fuel for the flames?
I could give a rodent's rump about which way you vote or what kind of person you are. I just want to know why are you "rushing to judgment" of the firemen and not the economic arsonists? The media and dems are doing a good enough job with that "message" that do you really feel obliged to pile on?

Oh, by the way, let me know when you catch a glimpse of the so-called "good" coming from the Arsonist-in-Chief during these negotiations so we can put "perfect" back in the cage. Until then, let's let the ideological perfect run loose to bite every one of his perfidious offers in the ass.

Anonymous said...

I don't think your metaphor works. Call me dense - and I'm sure you will - but, what part of that scenario describes their willingness to let the country default if they don't get exactly their way? Cutting spending = the water. Continued spending = letting it burn. Your metaphor is missing something here. Parking the truck on the lawn = allowing default? Not everything in life can be broken down to an analogy. I think the topic at hand is one of them.

Clearly I don't think I am rushing to judgement, but of course, I wouldn't. I've been thinking about this situation for a long time - longer than most, maybe not you. As much as I agree with cutting spending, I think a willingness to let us default runs threatens us even more. Why do you think it is wise to tread into that unknown when we could get a pretty good solution now and build from there?

To the charge that people like me don't decry the left enough. I do, but I do it on liberal blogs and when talking to my liberal acquaintances. But if you like, "HARRRUMPH!!" mostly to what you and Sally said. Mostly.

I haven't seen the "AIC" do anything good. I hope the GOP can run someone who can beat him. I don't imagine I'll be able to get back to you on anything "good". I'll look for you to get back to me when you come up with a better analogy or would like to discuss the challenge in its actual terms.

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