Wednesday, July 16, 2008

100 Visitors!

Sorry I've been a slacker for a few days. Just checked Google Analytics this morning, and it seems this little blog has attracted 100 readers in 23 states! How bout that?


Anonymous said...

I can see in the dark.

Anonymous said...

CW - Have you read "The Tipping Point" yet? As one of your first 100, I feel like one of those first brave souls who ultimately made hushpuppies hip again. Hmm...maybe I should strike "again" from the prior sentence.

Dan said...

I believe that the post "100 Visitors" is in gross violation of the original "Pet Peeve" post, namely, the press reporting about itself. Or, in this case, the wonderful Conservative Wahoo reporting on itself. But, please add Oklahoma to your state count.

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