Sunday, July 13, 2008

Women's Soccer

Ok, I really, really need to be careful about what I say in this post. My wonderful girlfriend doesn't really get into politics or blogs, so it is likely she won't read this. But if she does, I need to keep it on the up and up. As a champion sailor and Division I athlete in two sports, my kitten does not cotton to these rambles.

All things considered, there is not a single sport that both men and women play that I find myself thinking the women's game is as good....except soccer. I just watched a great bit of the US vs. Brazil in women's soccer, and the quality of play was incredibly high. Best of all though, you don't get the whining, writhing scenes of players clutching shins and ankles, racking up injury time and extending the game. You also don't see a lot of fake dives designed to make the other person look they committed a foul. The game is clean, fast, technically beautiful and exciting.

There may be another game I enjoy watching the women play as much as the But that's only because women's golfers have gotten much younger, better looking and more attractively clothed in the recent past.


Doc Milnamo said...

Soccer? Futbol?? Men's, women's, it doesn't matter. Just waterboard me now...pleaseeeeeeeee!


Anonymous said...

Pool. Billiards. Any reason why their needs to be both a men's and women's circuit? Is either sex at an advantage in this sport?

Question is, which league draws more viewers? I'd contend that that average guy would rather see a comely lass bending over to make a difficult shot.

Anonymous said...

Just finished watching the same match with the same appreciation. That was after watching the unfortunately-named, Paula Creamer, win soundly at the Jamie Farr Classic. I had never heard of her but in switching channels the other day, I just happened to pass the JFC when I saw Natalie Gulbis in a full extension following her drive...ended up watching the entire match just for more Gulbis. For the record, I am a conservative and I am a pig.

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