Sunday, July 6, 2008

Air Travel

I may be forced in the light of accumulated experience to deviate from free-market principles. I've decided that if you really wish to fly well, you must fly government sponsored carriers. I can't really be sure why American carriers can't seem to make money (except Southwest, whose success remains a beacon of hope to me), but when it comes to my flying comfort, I'll take a carrier with funding from central governments any time! I've flown Air Jamaica a few times recently and found it to be efficient, well-run, and well-staffed. The flight attendants seem aware that they aren't really there for our safety, but to serve us good meals and drinks. Additionally, there are plenty of them and they are generally young and attractive. Reminds me a bit of a Caribbean version of Cathay Pacific....

A few pet peeves in air travel, if you will. The first is, again, flight attendants. I have flown literally hundreds of thousands of miles, if not in the millions, in my day. I have never needed the assistance of a flight attendant for my "safety". I have however, needed them countless times to bring me a pillow, a Diet Coke, or a pencil. These are the skills I value in air staff, and the airline that reinforces them (as opposed to this attempt at flight attendant self-esteem in deeming them essential to my safety) will get my business every time.

Another peeve of mine is the fellow behind you who seems incapable of extricating himself from his seat without pulling on the headrest in front of him...which also happens to be supporting your head. After raising his frame, he releases the headrest causing a brief but notable forward movement and backward acceleration of your head. Are there no armrests upon which to push? Should we install pneumatic lifts to aid these poor souls?

Enough whining. I told you I was a curmudgeon.


Anonymous said...

Is the fellow behind you pulling up on your headrest because you are one of those inconsiderate curmudgeons that tries to get as close to being horizontal in their seat as possible? Hrmmm?

The Conservative Wahoo said...

I might try to do so, if the average coach class seat reclined more than four inches. No, this is not a reflection of my lack of consideration. It is a reflection on the cluelessness of the head launching chair snappers.

Doc Milnamo said...

Ahh, the mouth breathers.

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