Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What Would Al Gore's World Cost

I don't think anyone who looks at energy closely is surprised by what it is going to cost us to ween ourselves from dependence on foreign oil and domestic coal. Ronald Bailey of Reason has done some calculating to guess at what Al Gore's Carbon-Free energy plan would cost...and the costs are staggering.

Why? Mostly because wind, solar and geothermal simply cannot yet scale to the capacity of our coal and natural gas electrical plants. Nuclear can, and it can do so for significantly less than Gore's favorites (Al's not much for nuclear power).

Bailey does a good job in this article pointing out how moving to alternative sources of producing electricity both benefits the environment and lessens our dependence on oil. As we become better at producing power cleanly, more reliance on electric cars will make much more economic sense. Less gas in cars equals less money in the pockets of folks who want to kill us or who want to fund people who want to kill us.

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