Friday, July 25, 2008

Will Ferrell, Comic Genius

Will Ferrell has a new movie out, and it is unlikely that I will go to the theater to see it. Not that I don't like Will Ferrell, mind you. But for a grown man, a Will Ferrell movie is best enjoyed on DVD, by oneself or in the company of other suitably childish compatriots (a ship's wardroom provided an excellent venue). I have yet to run into a woman who completely "gets" his movies, and for the sake of my engagement, I do not hope to.

Who can forget the fight scene in "Anchorman"? Or Ferrell streaking down the street with his wife following closely behind in "Old School"? Virtually every scene in "Talledega Nights" is a scream, and his cameo in "Wedding Crashers" nearly stole the show from another childishly funny man (Vince Vaughan). On a recent flight, the man next to me had "Semi-Pro" on his laptop DVD, and I secretly watched the whole movie without sound...and chuckled to myself the whole way.

Let's hope Will continues to make great movies like this, and resists the temptation to segue into "real movies".


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you omitted commentary on his musical talents as well. To wit, "we need more cowbell!"

The Conservative Wahoo said...

He is indeed an accomplished cowbell artist, but clearly, Christopher Walken is the comic genius behind that bit.

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