Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Joys of Air Travel

Yesterday's flight from Charlotte to San Francisco found me in the row in front of the exit row, and directly across from one of the three lavatories available to the unwashed in coach (the rows of seats across from me had been removed to accommodate the accommodations).

One must wonder why the tilt back feature of seats in front of the exit rows has been disabled. Do they really believe that the 3.76 inches of tilt are going to matter? It's not like these are business class seats that really recline.

And the joys of being near the commode...ah, lovely. Each opening and closing of the door revealing a new treasure of heavily perfumed air mixed with the toxic emissions of the previous occupant. If this were not bad enough, having to listen to the uber-banal chatter of those in line was enough to make one consider cross country car trips.


SamShapiro said...

Don't you have friends in the Air Force that could have hooked you up?

Anonymous said...

One word. Upgrade. Maybe big E could float you some miles.

Doc Milnamo said...

Look at the bright side of being in the row in front of the exit row; the mouth-breather behind you won't be able to flip your seatback when they pull themselves out of their seat!

Anonymous said...

To samshapiro, nicely done.

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