Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Tour de France

I am a huge fan of this event. Like NASCAR, technology and great analysis has helped to propel this once fringe event into something viewers can really enjoy. Given my antipathy to the sports that dominate this time of year (baseball (yawn) and the WNBA (chuckle)), the return of the Tour each year is something to be savored.

I would really like to see them drop their drug testing program though. Drop it altogether. The sport is rife with doping, and it is a farce to think that the top riders aren't finding ways to skirt the rules. I say, let them all dope! This way, no one can claim to be "playing by the rules", no one gets an unfair advantage. You wanna juice? Ok, but your body gets to pay the consequences.


Moondog said...

Bryan - I cannot agree with you here. While I agree the Tour de France is a Tour de Force, doping and illegal drugs should be stamped out, whatever it takes. Until it is, the Tour is diminished. I honestly believe credibility can be restored.

Regarding baseball as a yawn, such libel disturbs me greatly! Here is a sport regaining credibility by stamping out the drug use you sanction. I love national pastime and cannot remain quiet as it comes under attack by your keyboard!

The Conservative Wahoo said... and the Tour are different, especially when it comes to drugs. In baseball, one competes against other teams in that season, but also against everyone who has ever played the game before. What makes baseball special and different (though still not exciting, sorry bro) is the statistical analysis. Being able to compare players across the ages is an important part of the lure of baseball. The Tour is what it is each year. Sometimes they change the course, new technology comes into the sport all the time, there is no fascination with those who raced in the past. Everything is about that year's race. Therefore, if everyone were allowed to dope, no one suffers. Really, how do you as a viewer suffer if the riders are doping?

Baseball's stamping out of drugs is impressive and necessary, as historical comparison is a key part of the sport. I applaud the sport, and I look forward to the day when it joins the first tier of world sports by prohibiting its managers and coaches from wearing the same uniforms as players.

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