Saturday, July 12, 2008

Retire Already, Brett

I love Brett Favre (I can never say or write that name without thinking about Ben Stiller in "There's Something about Mary"). His joy in playing the game of football, his thorough inability to understand that throwing the ball harder won't necessarily mean the other team won't catch it, and his schnauzer-like baiting of defensive linemen all serve to put me squarely in the Favre Fan Club.

That said, his decision to try and come out of retirement is a bad one. Now I'm all for individual rights, don't get me wrong. But I'm also for binding contracts. The Packers own Brett Favre's NFL rights and if he voluntarily retired, so be it. He is retired. If he wishes to play again, the Packers have a right to take him up on the offer or decline it, even as they deprive another team of his service.

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Anonymous said...

As a native son of Wisconsin, I find the whole argument distasteful. FJS

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