Friday, July 4, 2008

Crotchety Old-Man Update

Ok, as I indicated on the very first day of blogging here, I'm a bit of a curmudgeon. Things sometimes tend to irritate me that would pass quickly by others of more a more tolerant mien. That said, whilst traveling to the Eastern Shore yesterday, I and several thousand of my closest friends, had the opportunity to sit...stopped in 90 plus degree traffic...while Prince George's County Maryland police effectively closed portions of I-95, I-495 and Route 50. This action was taken in order that the head-of-state-like funeral procession for a slain PG county policeman could proceed from his police station, to the fire station where he volunteered, to his final resting place. Let's get the important part out of the way; I am unhappy that a fine, family man was murdered by a miscreant. I believe his comrades were on the right side of things by wishing to solemnify his service. But closing major interstate highways on the afternoon prior to the July 4th three day weekend so that an amazingly over the top procession of police cars, motorcycles, fire trucks and county vehicles could proceed untrammeled by interaction with the hoi-polloi on its way to its homes...constitutes a serious lack of judgment and abuse of power and authority by the police.

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