Friday, July 4, 2008

Watching Obama Move to the Right....

Senator Obama is moving predictably to the right on the issue of the Iraq war and Charles Krauthammer is on the job to call him on it.

Barak Obama is revealing himself to be a cynical and opportunistic politician, tacking to the right now that he has the primaries under his belt and the left-wing of his party mollified. His moves bespeak a man un-anchored in anything more permanent than a desire to win the Presidency...and they are also the actions of perhaps the most talented politician of our time. We could be in deep trouble--this guy really knows how to move.


Anonymous said...

Couple this with an uninspiring campaign to date from McCain and it looks to be a bloodbath for the republicans in November.

I hope McCain's recent staff shake up amounts to more than just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

Obama can be beat - he's woefully deficient on foreign affairs, his ideas and policies can be easily picked apart, and he has no record of achievement on any domestic issues (despite what his campaign says). McCain appears either unwilling or incapable of lacing up the gloves for the brawl. He's too busy trying to prove how Green his is.

Dubya picked up on this in 2000, you think Obama won't?

The Conservative Wahoo said...

Uninspiring is the right word, Anon. One of the problems McCain has with Obama is differentiating himself from the Senator from Illinois. As Obama tacks right, McCain's advantage declines. McCain needs to change his position on ANWR, make energy the center of his campaign, and hammer away on Senator Obama on his liberal voting record (when he actually votes...see several dozen "present" votes on controversial issues in the Illinois State Senate).

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