Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Surge is Working

Sorry to have been out of touch for a few days; back today with vengeance....

Probably one of the better summaries of the impact of the surge on fortunes on the ground in Iraq. I think the author is a bit too sympathetic to Mr. Rumsfeld et al, but the evidence is beginning to be too much for even liberals to ignore.

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Anonymous said...

It's not just the liberal media who is sour on the good news from Iraq. It is also, tragically, over half of our legislators. I recall watching with sheer amazement that when President Bush announced news of the surge's success (having even given credit to those on Capitol Hill who had called for it and acknowledging that his own original plans had fallen short) almost every democrat fell short of even tepid applause. Imagine that. Our elected officals cringing at the possibility that our nation's service men and women might actually be winning our nation's war. I can only believe that their disdain for President Bush and the rest of the administration is so profound that it outweighed their desire as Americans to see our country victorious in battle. In their eyes, success in the surge would be tantamount to a positive legacy for an administration that they made a political career out of hating. And therein lies my major critique of liberals. Far too often I see them putting themselves before their country. I am certain there is a point at which I depart from the "my country right or wrong, it is still my country" philosophy but I offer that liberals gain their own personal identity in "my country is always wrong and thank God I am here to show you where". Victory in Iraq must be so threatening to such a world. The Clinton administration wanted us to get involved militarily in virtually every African conflict. Obviously, we did not. But if we had, I cannot for a minute imagine relishing that our countrymen and women were dying over there so my friends and I could repudiate Clinton. This is one of many fundamental flaws in being a liberal.

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