Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cheney Supports Gay Marriage

The Prince of Darkness (a.k.a former Vice President Dick Cheney) made a speech at the National Press Club yesterday in which he voiced support for gay marriage and his stance that it be decided by the states. Reasonable position (except for when people move), but still not far enough for me--I don't think the states ought to have a role either. Existing contract law suffices, marriage should be a social/religious/cultural distinction.

But what an ideological curve ball for the Beating Heart of Evil to throw! How can He Who Has Supported Torture and He Who Served as GWB's String-Puller possibly be so EVOLVED as to support something as PROGRESSIVE as gay marriage. Across the country there are gay activists shaking their heads as they watch The View wondering what to think about this horrible irony.

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