Thursday, June 18, 2009

Yet Another Question For The President

"Mr. President--you and others in your administration have for some time now, used the phrase "crisis that we inherited" to describe the economic situation in which we currently find ourselves. At what point will you and your administration own the economy to the extent that you will no longer be able to blame the previous administration? And since that administration's policies are in no small part responsible for the current upswing in the economy (given your administration's lack of ownership), are you ready to share credit with them?"


Smoothfur said...

Do you really expect the Obama administration to take responsibility for any aspect of the economic crisis?

Liberal Democrats never take responsibility for any negative consequences.

Anonymous said...

Bush used to talk about how the actions in Iraq would encourage democracy in the reast of the region. Will the election results in Lebanon and Iran cause Hussein O to give credit to the previous administration?

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