Friday, June 5, 2009

My Own Personal Operation Chaos

The Virginia Democratic Primary is Tuesday, and as we don't register by party in this state, all voters are welcome to participate. My support for Bob McDonnell is unwavering, but I feel the need to vote on Tuesday, particularly since the last VA Dem Gubernatorial Primary brought out less than 4% of the voters; the votes of my household could matter.

So I need some advice. The candidates are essentially neck and neck in the polls. They are--
--Terry McAuliffe, who makes me throw up in my mouth whenever I see him on TV, but who has high negatives and could possibly be beaten. Such state Democratic Party icons as Douglas Wilder have suggested that McAuliffe's nomination could create a lot of McDonnell Democrats.
--Creigh Deeds, who is a little more tolerable, an earnest casper milquetoast who's big on education. Unlike McAuliffe, he doesn't have a lot of money for the general election. (And let's be honest, it would be kind of cool to have a governor named Mr. Deeds).
--The third is Brian Moran, who admittedly I don't know much about, but I don't like his brother. That's a good enough reason to vote against someone, isn't it?

So what should I do? Vote Deeds, because if McDonnell cannot win at least he is palatable as governor, or vote McAuliffe, because he's such a disgusting human being that if gets the nomination he will turn voters off and make it easier for Bob McDonnell? (Yes, I know the right answer is vote Deeds or not at all, but I'm torn). As an aside, all three Dem candidates poll anywhere from 8-13 points behind McDonnell. Thoughts?


Silver Eagle said...

I share the same dislike of Terry McAuliffe that you do. However, I'm not willing to take the chance of having him win the Dem primary in the hope that Democrats will turn on him before the general election. I plan to vote for one of the other two Democratic candidates on Tuesday to keep McAuliffe from winning.

Mudge said...
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Mudge said...

"Yes, I know the right answer is vote Deeds or not at all, but I'm torn."

Ah my young grasshopper. Have you, a former naval officer, ever done wrong by doing what's right?

Mudge said...

Sorry Sally. I thought I was writing to CW and somehow, in attempting to delete my post, managed to post it again without the delete feature. But the post still applies, just without the former naval officer part.

Smoothfur said...

I have a novel idea.
Decide which candidate possesses the attributes you desire in a governor, vote for that candidate and hope for the best.

Beyond Bibb's Store said...

Unlike my Dem. pals here in Louisa who feel the need to meddle in Party nominations when we (Virginia Republicans) insist on a primary, I plan to sit this out and let their party pick their candidate.

That is not to say I won't be cheering from the sidelines. McAuliffe is a carpetbagging, disingenuous puke....Moran is another flaming NOVA liberal....Deeds is an innocuous wingnut. I'm pulling for Moran, who represents the best combination of underfunding and beatable positions.

Meanwhile, if you have not watched Adnan Barqawi's speech at the Virginia GOP Convention, I highly recommend it.

........oh, and CW...Go Hoos!

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