Thursday, June 4, 2009

The President in Cairo

Here is the text of the President's speech to the Islamic world from Cairo. I need some time to further digest it, but my first impression is positive.


W. R. Ifici said...

When the nation needs to worry about the Conservative Wahoo strapping on an explosive vest and boarding a school bus, your impression will matter.

But what matters is how the fundamentalist Muslims who are bent on the destruction of all non-believers will receive his message. Especially once they realise that HE proclaimed June as Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered, and gerbil lover month.

Bill said...

I believe that this was a well crafted speech and that he was the perfect instrument for delivery. I do find it interesting that he cites the Treaty of Tripoli which has been the center of controversy over separation of church and state since it's inception. "Pity the fool" as Mr. T was fond of saying that actually reads the Treaty in both English and Arabic and Art 11.

This speech though, may be the genesis of action for Israel to take out Iran's nuclear ability and in doing so plunge us once again near the abyss.

..... said...

I agree with Bill's last point. It was my first impression from the speech.

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