Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Less Meat for the World's Most Privileged People

Using the number quoted in this piece, the true cost of Chet's (John Candy) "Ole 96er" would be about $4890. Call me crazy, but I kind of hope this idea gets traction so we can see some Meat Parties.


The Conservative Wahoo said...

Welcome, Robert Thorn, to the stable of CW contributors.

Mudge said...

"Welcome...to the 'stable'
of CW contributors"

Great job CW. Meat prices soar, people start looking for alternative sources for meat...like other animals that are kept in a stable ...and you publish across the cyber universe that you have a stable of meat with apparently conservative prices.

You're definitely going to have to split the proceeds now.

Dan said...

"...cattle, sheep, and pigs are our relatives..."

The branches of the author's family tree must be fascinating.

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